STAN COLLYMORE has called out the Scottish media for not doing enough to eradicate Sectarianism which rates its ugly head at Ibrox last night.

Steve Clarke looked visibly distressed in a post-match press conference as he described the torrent of unnaceptable abuse he received from the stands at Ibrox while he was trying to do his job.

Collymore has continually called out such incidents and was let go from his job at BT Sports for highlighting his concerns.

The vileness of some ‘football fans’ has become chronic with their willingness to try and upset and offend in the name of ‘culture’ is desperate and pathetic in equal measure.

This isn’t just the media’s fight but there is a willingness to not call certain things out for fear of backlash and reprisal.

A lot of clubs have problems and some more than others with this sort of behaviour. It’s clear to see that until these people are made to feel marginalised by their views and bile they will continue to spout their nonsense.

As Stan said back in 2015; enough is enough.


  1. Well siad Stan. The bigots can’t see or hear the bile for the trees. The closet sectarians are all around. In 1978 I did what Steve Clarke did, and that was to escape to England to get away from kids asking my kids were they effin Kaffliks or Proddies, nosey neighbours asking shrouded questions to eak out answers to find out facts we didn’t even think about, religion, church, football, etc.
    The bile stinks and has done all my life. Ashamed to be a Scot.
    As long as it’s not to Celtics advantage, the huns will do anything to marginalise Celtic, their fans, and religion.
    Hatred on this scale is akin to cleansing the population of one particular creed or religion.


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