BRENDAN RODGERS was answering some of the most searched questions about him on google for SoccerAM and one of the questions which was put to him was how he supports.

Asked by the presenter who he actually supported the Irishman was quick to say it was none other than….Celtic.

The former Parkhead manager then went on about a minute or so speech about how he had to leave the club for professional reasons but he still loves the club, still watches out for Celtic results and he only made the decision to leave because of his personal goals.

Rodgers left the building at the end of February much to the shock of the Celtic support who heard rhetoric like this on a near weekly basis back when he managed the club. His ‘love’ of the club meant not many seen it coming when he walked out in the middle of a season. It’s well documented that most Celtic fans would have understood if he had left this summer.



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