Would you like a draw against Rangers this season in the cup?

The last time the two teams met was April 2012 but it now feels like a lifetime ago. It’s surprising that the 2 have not bumped heads in any of the domestic cups over the last 2 seasons. Maybe this season we will see one of the greatest football rivalries on the planet, or do the fans want it? Talking to and reading people’s opinions there is no surprise that there is a divide on the question. I suppose it’s the way you ask the question, if your asking a Celtic fan if they miss rangers, the majority of them would say stuff them, let them rot.

The question here is do you want a cup game against them?

Celtic players celebrate

Given the fact that an under 17s old firm game brought out over 10,000 fans last season there is no reason why an 80,000 capacity stadium wouldn’t be sold out instantly. Anytime Rangers have come up against Premiership opposition in the past two seasons in the cup they have showed on the pitch how far they have fell behind. So surely for Celtic fans its an opportunity for a trashing and to pile on another few shovels of misery.

Head to head Celtic have the better hand with a 160 wins to rangers 154, not much in the difference but for Celtic fans thats 160 of their most memorable moments, why not have some more? Like the last one, A 3-0 win at home and 90 minutes of scrapping rangers fans from the sole of your shoe.

So what do you say, are you hoping for an Old Firm game this season or not?

If you were to ask the players they would relish the opportunity.

Press play before you vote.



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