Before we go into the absolute dry riding the team from Govan got today in our match report later, as they did their best to keep Celtic at bay we want to point out that 1-0 is a result that will ensure our clubs dominance for the foreseeable future.

As I write this I’ve just listened to Mark Warburton claim that the gulf between the two clubs is very narrow and the diminished score line from the 5-1 drubbing proves that. This is music to my ears!

Celtic fans at Hampden today bore witness to an absolute one-sided performance from their team. They out passed, out thought and out scored the opposition and yes, we technically scored two even if the scoreboard only says one.

Sevco goalkeeper Matt Gilks was the hero of the day who was ever present when a very defensively set up Rangers failed to stop the Celtic onslaught. In the 5-1 game Celtic had 20 shots on goal, today they had 24. Let that sink in, 24 shots at goal when your opposition was set up to stop this from happening, goalkeeper and sloppiness from Celtic at times meant that a big score line wasn’t on the cards.

But what was on display was the most one sided 1-0 game you’re ever likely to see. Solidifying Celtic’s dominance and the oppositions weakness.

If we had put upwards of three goals past them today then crisis mode would have hit, with the angry hordes baying for their board’s blood. Instead, they leave Hampden thinking, that wasn’t as bad as the last game and their manager seems to think that performance was on a par with Celtic’s. We’re only too happy to perpetuate that myth as we go about our business.

No gulf in class bhoys, we were just lucky! 😉

Oh and I officially anoint Moussa as resident hun skelper. Magic.



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  1. Too easy for us today, i felt that celtic were just toying with them giving them false confidence and then scoring just when thought they were going into extra time. Warburtons boys were well and truly stuffed today for all too see, and yet, he says there’s no great gulf between the team’s, he now needs to go his corrupt boss with his begging bowl for some transfer money and King will say,”Mark you said theres no gulf between the teams manage what you have because the kitty is dry”…

  2. Totally dominated from start to finish only downside is we weren’t more ruthless in front of goal but still a huge gulf in class and I for one couldn’t be happier HH ?


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