It’s amusing and saddening in equal measure that so many urchins have crawled out from underneath their rocks to take a sly swipe at Celtic’s terrible hammering by this year’s Champions League favourites.

While people try and grab their pound of flesh it’s clear to see Celtic are ready to make improvements to their invincible squad as they look to improve themselves.

That’s what should terrify the rest of Scotland.

The team you’re taking a pop at hasn’t lost in 64 domestic games. Nobody in Scotland that has come up against Brendan Rodgers has managed to get a win from him.

Reports are that the main place Celtic are going to strengthen is defence. This season that defence has played 13 times in the league and only conceded 6 goals. So the Celtic team that people are having a laugh at is the same team that’s unbeaten in 64 games.

What does that say about your club?

With Rodgers sure to bring players in from January and that fact that he is constantly looking to bring more young players through, all other sides should be afraid. The gulf will get bigger and so will the trophy haul.

Maybe they should all look from within which Celtic are currently doing in order to improve.

Now back under your rock.


  1. After last nights performance by Kid On Rangers…Real Sevcolona must now All But Realise that the Reality at the Dome of Crumble is,Real Sevcolona are Undoubtedly DunDeid…lolololololol

  2. The fact is,Celtic arent going to surrender Our Run Against the the Bully Boys at Mwell.They will know they are facing the Champions.Ffs just coz they beat that Brand New Club from the Crumble Dome,Doesnt stand up to much scrutiny.I mean beating a Club that constantly states they are Actually a Dead Club.Shows how Zombified our football really is,And its no thanks to Sevco and there Pledged Brethren over at Hunden………Its more the Pity there isnt better players facing Celtic week in week out.If there was Celtic would probably fare a bit better in Europe.Every team in the SPFL gets about Three Hundred Thousand for The Bhoys being in the CL.Cant see the Hunbelivables refusing a hand out.They need every penny they can get there Corrupt hands on.How manyclubs agree we should all move on….From the Massive Corruption in our So called,Game….WE WELCOME THE CHASE!!!Send It On..HH GGAW YNWA

  3. Why bother writing this? Winning in Scotland means nothing, it proves nothing. It is the same nonsense as them saying they are the most successful team in the world. How we laughed at them for years for saying this. Now we are an invincible team who regularly take 7 goal, 5 goal thrashing a as soon as we play a good team. And thank you for your insight into Celtic’s signing plans. You mean the problems that should have been addressed 6/9/12 months ago will now be addressed as the manager and the board finally face up to them through humiliations. Celtic forced to crack open the bank account which has swelled greatly in recent years. Excellent planning. Who will they swoop for some prospect at 19 years old for under a million or a guy who has only played in the English second level for 4 million. Yet the board and manager are above criticism. Celtic are 7 or 8 players short of a CL team and recruit at the level of a League 1 team. Hopefully our frugal Tories realise this and understand that taking these types of beatings is much more harmful than spending some of the CL cash. However, we will see no cash spent until Dembele is gone. Hopefully this is in mid-january and then they can have no excuse for not spending the money. Need a goalkeeper, two CBs, a full back, a midfielder and a striker. 6 players to keep the score down in Europe. If we do not strengthen and wise up with regards to tactics there is no point in participating in the CL or the EL really. The sight of PSG players laughing and mocking Celtic was too much to bear. Clearly they did not think we should be on the same park as them. And it will be more of the same if action is not taken. Sevco getting beat? Of what relevance is this to us? Rangers are dead why do we bother with the second rate replacement. Do people comment every time Hamilton get beat. get a grip they are irrelevant.

  4. John I’ve seen your miserable comments on a few sites these past few weeks, can you tell me what it is you’re attempting?.. is it “celtic are no very good you know” “it would be better if celtic were struggling too” or/and “sack the board, get rid of the lot of them and cause some chaos, cause its just no fair annaw that”, tell you what John, referring to them as sevco deludes no one of where your allegiance lies, after all, why would a celtic man be so committed to posting such inane and tearfull nonesense on so many forums?

    Give it a rest man because I can assure you we will never stop our onslaught and the enjoyment will continue too, a certain club was guilty of crucifying our game and it has paid the ultimate price, the new club as acting the phoenix and karma is wreeking havoc upon it, the fans who follow it are even more consumed and bitter now than they have ever been, they too are getting exactly what they deserve, there’ll be no letting up pal so dry your eyes and suffer you poor wee lamb, suffer.

  5. Well said Jimmy,there’s also too many ex players in the media,who claim to be fans of the club,too willing to put the boot in when Celtic suffer a bad result even against a top class side like P.S.G.The likes of Nicholas,Walker and Burley never far away when it comes to slagging off Celtic through their media paymasters.
    Yesterday we even had Paul Mariner where the f**k has he been,great player from 70’s/80’s but someone we want to hear giving Brendan and the boys grief or advice? f**ck off.. Then last week we got Tony Cascarinogoals(one against the real Rangers,we’ll give you that one Tony) belittling our run of 64 domestic matches unbeaten.According to Tony it means nothing,well Tony it means everything Celtic, especially when after the run started to take pace,we had every team we faced wanting to be the team that stopped the run.One individual error,injuries to key players especially defenders,of which Celtic had more of their fair share,,individual brilliance,opposition basically outplaying you or the most important of them all honest/not so honest refereeing/linesmen mistakes,can stop the run.Any side from the top down to schoolboy level anywhere in the world would be proud to go on a run of 64 unbeaten,still ongoing by the way,given any of the aforementioned hurdles that could stop it.
    The fans of other teams who have been all too ready to gloat over Celtics defeats to P.S.G,and the 7-0 humping to Barcelona last season need to look at their own clubs failings to challenge Celtic.
    Celtic look after themselves and it’s not their fault or concern for that matter,as to why the others can’t keep up.Yes i know the others clubs don’t have the finances that Celtic have at their disposal,but again that’s neither here nor there,as when Celtic suffer a heavy defeat the media critics don’t concentrate on that.they only wan’t to tell you what Brendan and the team have done wrong,easy after the game,very easy EH.
    When Celtic dish out heavy defeats, of which there has been many,to our rivals in Scotland ,whose financial gap to celtic’s position is akin to that of Celtics and Barcelona,Bayern or P.S.G’s maybe even less,you don’t see/hear the pundits destroy Celtics “victims” for not harnessing Celtics superior players do you?But it is all relative is it not?
    Its obvious we need a commanding centre half,Brendan knows that more than anyone.I’m pretty sure he will bring in the kind of CB we require for the Europa league campaign after xmas.
    But what we don’t need is fans? like John giving negative comments like no point in us playing in the C.L or E.L unless we recruit 7 players or get our tactics right.Since Brendan took charge he HAS got his tactics right in the vast majority of the European games played under his stewardship.M.City,twice,Bayern at home,Borussia M.G. away,Anderlecht away and many more.The right tactics if there are any
    right tactics? against the cream of CL teams is sometimes not enough sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!!.As for the P.S.G players mocking/laughing at us,don’t know where you get that from?
    Each of their seven goals was celebrated with great pleasure by the goalscorers and the rest of the P.S.G players so don’t see where you get the feeling that the P.S.G players thought we shouldn’t be on the same park as them?
    But as you say Jimmy there will be no letting up from Brendan and the bhoys and i fully expect the players to use all the negativity and gloating from the pundits,hacks and fans of other teams in Scotland as motivation to push themselves even more and extend the run,who knows?maybe another invincible treble.
    Anyway on to Hampden tomorrow,lets get that first piece of silverware in the trophy room,hopefully won in style. Hail.Hail. C.O.Y.B.


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