Celtic stand to make each Scottish Premiership club up to £250,000 if they can beat FC Astana over two legs and reach the Champions League group stages.

The solidarity fund is in its tenth year and is designed to strengthen teams who wouldn’t normally qualify for European football.

What is the ‘Solidarity fund’?

UEFA put competition money aside to reward teams in a league where they have a Champions League participant in order to help bolster the clubs. More payments could come the League’s way depending on how far the club progress.

£250,000 per club is not to be sniffed at with regards to the income of Scottish football. It would be a welcome boost for every club in the league.

So as Celtic take to the field tonight, I’m sure all our Scottish teams and their fans will be willing us on – Aye, right.



  1. Apart from the financial benefits…there’s also the co-efficient to be taken into account.
    The more games we win…the better it is for other team’s qualification chances.
    So based on that…I’m confident that ALL supporters of ALL other Clubs will back us tonight …and all through the Group stages.
    Sorry…need to go…Nurse Ratched is here wi’ ma meds.

    • not quite there are 2 now national and personal to the club both are taken into consideration there is also now the champions route which gives ourselves a bonus in the qualifying and group stage seeding exactly how these are worked out together i am unsure tho


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