Celtic are thirteen points clear at the top of the league and were closing in fast on the title when the shutdown brought an end to that for at least the time being.

With football suspended indefinitely until the worst of this crisis is over there’re are big question marks over if the season can actually finish.

John Hartson spoke at the weekend about the Ibrox club getting credit if they were to acknowledge the position they’re in with regards to the league and concede the title.

More fantasy than a reality from John on that one and Charlie Nicholas has absolutely rubbished Hartson’s comments.

“John Hartson said that if Rangers concede the title to Celtic they would come away with a lot of credit.” Nicholas told SunSport.

“But from who? Hartson? There is no chance of Rangers getting any credit from anywhere.

“Their own fans would be up in arms for a start.

“Rangers can’t concede the title and why should they? As I have said all along Celtic need to win it for themselves.

“Hopefully we will get back playing and everything will be decided on the pitch as it should be.”

Celtic absolutely want this to finish on the pitch but there’s no guarantee that will be able to happen.

Failing games being played, something has to be done. For Celtic, it’s a sit and wait game.

We know we’re champions in waiting.

Nicholas will be the first to discredit our title should the league stop here BUT from a guy who constantly hounds Celtic and doesn’t acknowledge the systemic cheating which went on by a former Ibrox club during their title wins – take him with a pinch of salt.


  1. What’s all the fuss about, so null and void is what the dark side want am okay with that if that’s what the football high powers say, what will it mean we have to win the league the following year for 9in a row , but you do know if they go down that road it more or likely there favoured club will go bust hell mend them all .here we go 15 in a row , probably won’t loose another tile while am living


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