It is safe to say that Scottish FA’s disciplinary process has left a lot of Celtic fans angry with their handing of Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent’s cases from the last Glasgow Derby. The Colombian made a throat-slitting gesture after being sent off for diving. While Ryan Kent appeared to make gun signs after scoring the opener.

Interestingly, it has been over three weeks since then and neither of them has faced any punishment from the governing body, although The a Rangers as a club have been charged. In contrast to that, Ryan Christie was immediately banned for three games for what could very well have been an accident, when he appeared to grab Morelos’ groin region.

Now former Celtic star, Kris Commons, has questioned the efficiency of the disciplinary body. In his column in the Daily Mail (20/01 print edition, Verdict supplement page 16), Commons wrote:

“This current set-up is just so confusing. I don’t know anyone who fully understands it. Ryan Christie gets charged for grappling with Alfredo Morelos and banned within a few days of the Old Firm game.

“Yet, almost three weeks after the match, Rangers are being cited for their staff and players ‘not conducting themselves in an orderly fashion’. How does that work? Even allowing for holidays, if any action is to be taken, it has to be within a few days of a game ending.

“If Morelos was booked after the game for his throat-slitting gesture, then just make it known there and then. Why the delay? Why the secrecy?”

The SFA’s disciplinary body has certainly frustrated fans all over Scotland. There is no reason for the secrecy with which they operate and changes must be brought to the system as soon as possible.



  1. A second red i could understand , but yellow carded after being red carded does not compute,even if it was two yellows to make a red you cannot then downgrade another caution……….so what is this pish, what are the sweet fuq all trying to hide,what are they trying to undermine………..dirty manky cheatin scum.


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