NEIL DONCASTER has revealed why the SPFL won’t fine The Rangers after Sunday’s sickening events. Multiple objects were thrown at Celtic players and staff, with the physio requiring urgent medical treatment.

This is disappointing news for Celtic fans who were hoping to see their rivals punished for the events that unfolded on Sunday. Instead, the individuals will be tracked down and dealt with by Police Scotland.

UEFA often takes matters like this seriously and imposes fines and stadium closures. However, the SPFL does not act in this way.

At the time of writing, approaching four days after the derby, there has been no apology from the Ibrox side, and their silence is deafening regarding the issue.

Speaking to the Times, the Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Professional Football League said;

“Strict liability simply does not work, as the repeated fines for specific clubs in UEFA competitions season after season demonstrate very clearly. The answer must be far harsher and targeted punishments for the individuals who perpetrate the crime, including a more regular use of football banning orders and, where necessary, custodial sentences.

“There are two main forms of strict liability which have been proposed and neither of them will work. The first is to punish the home club for any transgressions in their ground, whether it’s by the away fans or home fans. Unfortunately, this will act as an incentive for some away fans to misbehave, knowing the home clubs will suffer the punishment for their actions. It will inevitably result in clubs refusing to sell tickets to away fans, with the obvious detrimental impact on our game.

“The second is to make clubs strictly liable for the behaviour of their fans at away matches and this will simply lead to clubs refusing to sell their fans tickets for other grounds, for fear of being punished if they misbehave.

“The significant investment by clubs in CCTV technology means it’s far easier to spot and act on incidents caused by the tiny minority of fans who misbehave. Clubs, footballing authorities and the overwhelming majority of decent fans abhor the actions of those who engage in criminal acts at games. It’s only by targeting these individuals directly and punishing them to the full extent of the law that we will provide a meaningful and effective deterrent.”

If the CCTV is there, why haven’t we seen or head arrests from Sunday, we’re reaching the end of the week.

The police are investigating the matter, asking witnesses to step forward. However, they only asked people to step forward with information about the incident where the glass was thrown at Joe Hart’s goal, not Celtic’s physio.

Hopefully, The Rangers CCTV has captured enough footage of individuals to prosecute them.


  1. Doncaster is a rankers APOLOGIST. Do nothing, you lazy bast@rds. Keep your mason pals happy. You are doomed to a life of @rse kissing. Doncaster is a poor excuse for a human being. No honesty and no stomach to stand up for what is RIGHT.

  2. What is worse the throwing of broken glass onto a football pitch including a bottle hitting a member of staff OR, the Coordinated efforts of the Establishment including the BBC, STV “Newspapers” media and Keystone Cops Scotland to play it down and do NOTHING.
    Had this been at Celtic Park there would have been Hell to pay for Celtic for the rest of the season.
    Pretty obvious conduct by the Fascist Establishment inc RFC to all this.

  3. We have our own fair share of idiots who have targeted opposition players with missiles on at least 3 occasions that I recall this season.

    Until the clubs take serious action and address this, then its only a matter of time before a player is seriously injured.

    No idea about Ibrox, but stewarding & policing at CP is virtually non-existent.

    Anyone who doubts this need only look at the number of empty Buckie bottles lying on the CP terraces at FT.

  4. Pish, pish, pish Donkeycaster your a cun7. If I drive my vehicle through a camera’d traffic junction and try to beat the light, a photo will be passed to the bearded plod. Same If I travel at a speed deemed to be grossly in excess the posted limit anywhere in Glasgow. So why don’t ‘The the’ give the Sfa their stand video??. This can be easily cleared up. By video evidence. Like they use against players. Never heard of it being used by the Sfa against supporter unrest though. Time to start, ended after the fact. Welcome to supporter V.a.r. worms.

    Be bad and beware, nothing to fear from big brother, as long as your not naughty.. Throwing your drink and food bottles out of your parambulator/seat\aisle, they should find you.


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