YAYA TOURE was yesterday linked with a move to Celtic.

The sequence of events is as followed.

While the prospect of Yaya playing for Celtic would still appear slim, it’s worth exploring why some people DON’T think it would be a good idea.

The main concern I’ve seen from supporters about signing Kolo’s younger brother is he is ‘getting on a bit. A valid perspective, at the age of 35 his best days are more than likely behind him. However, the midfielder possesses an insane amount of talent in the midfield area, and you don’t lose that at 35!

People say it’s a waste of time and we should be investing in younger players but why can’t we do both?

Some fans have welcomed Timothy Weah to the club and are excited about the prospect of seeing the young man play but rule Yaya out because it doesn’t show ‘forward thinking’. Realistically, you may get a season and a half out of Yaya but as it stands we only get half a season out of Weah; maybe a loan extension for another season all going well.

A deal for Yaya is no more or less ‘shortsighted’ than the Timothy Weah deal.

Am I saying the club should do everything in their power to sign Yaya…NO?

What I am saying is, there’s a conversation to be had, and there’s always value in experience and talent even if there’s no long term plans or value in a player. Just like Weah, we’ll get nothing for the player down the line.


  1. The question has to be: Why a player of his quality brought in to run their mid-field.. only played 5 games in Greece, for Olympiakos?


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