The valuation of any player is always in flux and open for debate. Ultimately it comes down to how much another club will pay for the player.

Transfermarkt are somewhat an authority on stats and figures when it comes to the football world but we have taken exception with their valuation of Celtic players in the past. The website gives you an estimated market value of a player in their current state. This was proven to be wide of the mark when Kieran Tierney was valued at £11.25m and he went for £25m to Arsenal. It’s all a bit Football manager-esk!

Anyway, we were intrigued to find out the current market value of all the Celtic players and what exactly would be the club’s most expensive starting XI with the formation Neil Lennon utilises on a weekly basis. Here is what we found from TransferMarkt:

A team with a combined market value of £58.50M: 

  • The two most expensive players in the team are English Premier League loans.
  • Some of Celtic’s talent is wildly undervalued.
  • Sinclair still holding a tremendous market value considering his current Celtic standings.

If clubs were interested in an Ajer, Forrest or Callum McGregor you would bet your bottom dollar Celtic would be getting into the £10m plus figure.

It would be interesting to find out the website’s process and thinking behind valuations.