It was back in November last year when Bayern Munich came to town and Celtic put up a valiant effort against the strong German side.

While not coming away with the victory, Celtic earned kudos for hanging with the German Champions and being narrowly defeated 2-1.

The laughter ensued the next day when The Rangers got involved.

Having just came off a hard fought victory against the Scottish Champions, it was The Rangers who clamoured and offered Bayern Munich use of their training facilities at Auchenhowie – even if it meant their team couldn’t train properly.

The image of some of the Ibrox players trying to get a peak of the superstars from the doorway after Celtic had rubbed shoulders with them on the Champions League stage is still priceless.

Will they be offering Zenit the same opportunity come Friday morning, I’m sure they’ve already reached out.


  1. Well teams have got to train somewhere so SEVCO exploited the opportunity
    They’ll have charged them plenty for the use of their facilities which would probably have disappeared down the black hole money pit
    The pics of Windass et al looking on with their autograph books in hand are priceless though


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