BRENDAN RODGERS has been speaking about his Celtic departure and the fallout from leaving the club during the season.

Celtic fans were in love with the former Hoops boss who sold us on how much he loved Celtic and how much it was part of his blood. The way Brendan laid things on thick made the fallout from his sudden departure so messy. Fans were hurt, they couldn’t believe it.

This site was one of the first media sites to post Brendan was heading to Leicester and the first fan media site to get a hold of the developments. When we put the news out at the time, we were massively abused by many Celtic fans who wouldn’t believe what we were reporting.

Anger turned into disbelief when more and more publications reported on the news before Celtic made it official.

Since then, there has been so much bad feeling from many Celtic fans towards the Irishman. As the old cliche goes, time heals all wounds and there has been a softening up towards our former manager slowly over time.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph Brendan says what’s gone on since his Celtic departure will no taint his time at Celtic admitting he loved every minute of it.

“Obviously there was a lot said within Celtic, outside of Celtic and media but I’ll never let that ever diminish the amazing time I had there because for me it is all about the feeling. I understand Celtic people and supporters when I left.

“I totally get that because a loss of anything there is always sadness and anger and I totally get that and how I left it was the probably the shock element of it.

“I look back and think more of the amazing time I had not just on the pitch but off the pitch and the support I had and the friends we made. Living in Glasgow was an amazing experience. We travel up when we can and the experience will never be tainted by anything else.”

History will be kind to Brendan, an invincible treble and a double treble before helping set up another two trebles for Neil Lennon who took over from the Leicester boss.


  1. Don’t blame anyone at Cfcplc, don’t blame anyone connected with St Brendan, don’t blame him leaving (Not enough cash for players, contract hassles, Leicester FC) Brendan has left the room. Both Celtic and he are happier. No problem. For a while things did go tits up. Moved on.

  2. It will be forever tainted for the way he done it. However to give the job to Lennon in the showers at hampden without interviewing any other candidates was total dereliction of duty by the whole Celtic board.


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