New rules across the English Premier League are set to be introduced from next season which target pyrotechnics and pitch invaders [Scottish Sun]. 

The twenty top-flight clubs have came to a unanimous decision around what action should be taken to mitigate both issues which have became more apparent recently.

A one year long ban will be given to any supporter who invades the pitch or lets off pyrotechnics within the stadium.

It is unknown yet whether this sort of action will prompt those at the SPFL to discuss any propositions around the subject area to begin any sort of action.

Pitch invasions post-match became a bit of a norm last season but Celtic appear to have got that issue under control so far this season with there almost being a shield of stewards now entering the field of play at the full time whistle.

In terms of pyrotechnics, many believe they bring an atmospheric spectacle to the game and many would like to see football chiefs take an open approach to them.

Scandinavian countries are currently leading the way on how to deal with them as Norway has already given the green light to pyro with Sweden and Denmark being open to solutions.

They exist throughout the world of football so instead of dishing out a banning order and restricting their use, many would prefer to see governing bodies be open to improving safety around them.


  1. I’d ban the pyrotechnics, when a young boy is injured at our ground it’s clear that some of the idiots who bring them in don’t have a clue how to use them safely. Do they look good? In my opinion no they don’t, the potential for a bad injury or fatality isn’t worth the risk they bring.

  2. Ban the use of fire works. Unless you came in a boat and are in distress.Only time to use them. They are not playthings. Keep this shi7e for outside, or the playground. FFS grow up. Nothing wrong with vociferous supporting. But no flares. Keep setting fire to people out with the stadia.

  3. I think that all Celtic goal scorers should mimic using an AK47 and fire a volley of imaginary shots (obviously) over the heads of the supporters every time they score. This would be something of a trade off to the banning of the pyro.

    People need to be flexible.

  4. If the Celtic Green nursery can behave. They will be allowed to bring in one sparkler (each) into Paradise stonner sections. And slowly poke their eyes out then let them burn right down to their little tied trough their sleeves little Henke Lars53on mittens.

    Now that is a excellent trade off.

    Or they can just walk to Paradise and have fun singing sea shanty’s and lighting a box or two of fireworks.

    What ever happened to simultaneously putting their Samsung galaxy torch on at certain junctures during the football game??

    They collectively can also get rid of their school week angst, shakin a can for charity, beating a TomTom or two, singing some rugged chart hits with alternate new fangled self wrote verses and enjoy some inventive, fast flowing fitbaw.


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