CELTIC will take on Steven Gerrard’s boys at the end of the month after the international break in the third Glasgow Derby of the season.

As we saw in December, Alfredo Morelos was very lucky to stay on the park after he lashed out at Celtic players in three separate incidents.

On Saturday, the Columbian striker was at it again after a half time encounter with former Ibrox defender Kirk Broadfoot. The image shows Alfredo raising his hands to the Kilmarnock player as the blues were booed off the pitch by their own supporters.

You have to imagine the officials didn’t see it for anything to be done about it at the time.

So the question is; will the SFA have the guts to pull Alfredo up for this latest episode of petulance from a man who has the emotional age of a toddler? The fact there is a game against Celtic coming up means to do anything would have massive implications and cause an uproar from the usual suspects.

Alfredo has yet to score against Celtic and has been lucky to stay on the field on a number of occasions. Will this latest stunt go unpunished?


  1. If you want to get to grips with fan trouble then the Aggression on the pitch must stop players lashing out is a no no in football today it takes us back to the 60s 70s and 80s,you can be the best player on earth but no big team will come for some one going over board with Aggression,if your lucky you may get away with it in front of your own fans once and get a yellow but in away games it is a no no sent off at the first sign of Aggression that is the rules the refs must take control back on the pitch to keep the fans from kicking off…


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