GERRY McCULLOCH took fans around the stadium yesterday as the Celtic TV presenter gave some pretty in-depth information on the transformation Celtic Park is currently undertaking.

As the curtain came down on the season after Broony’s testimonial – it was the very next day that work began and it’s starting to take shape.

Gerry took us through the lights that are being installed with some of them being ‘World Class entertainment lights’ to crank up the atmosphere just that little bit more when the big boys come to town.

The presenter also takes us through the steps involved in the new hybrid pitch being installed – something Brendan Rodgers was keen to press on with early in his Celtic tenure.

The new floodlights around the stadium also look like they’re going to transform the place along with the new weather shielding and roof for the family stand.

It’s all go at Celtic Park, and fans will be keen to get back their next month to see the changes for themselves.

Not only that but they’ll want to see who is going to be playing on the pitch come July’s Champions League qualifiers.

Celtic are looking to get their business done as soon as possible on the transfer front but with the World Cup beginning soon, that may be just wishful thinking.