DANIEL ALVES told Timothy Weah that Celtic would be the best move for him as he finds his feet in the game.

The striker signed on at Celtic on Monday and has been nothing but humble.

Many people who have interviewed the lad since Monday have spoken if how mature he seems for his young age. Born into footballing royalty as the son of George Weah – it would be easy for the striker to take a certain amount for granted but Timothy has made it clear his work ethic is why he’s gotten the chance to play for Celtic.

After taking part in a secret meeting with Celtic back in 2018, the frontman took the opportunity to pick the brains of some PSG stars and Dani Alves told Weah he should go to Celtic.

“They said it’s good to go out and get experience and they felt Celtic was the best club because you’re getting that. It’s all in the package — great team, great supporters, great stadium, great coaching staff, so it’s a great place to come and learn.” Weah told SunSport.

“I didn’t go to him and speak to him one-on-one about coming to Celtic but I kinda spoke to other team-mates like Thomas Meunier and Dani Alves”

Wonder if Alves fancies a move too?



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