Celtic fans are expecting big changes this summer and because the club are being so silent what happens next is left to the imagination.

People have been speculating who will be the Celtic manager come next season.

We’ve heard everything from Eddie Howe to some believing Neil Lennon will get a do over.

One Celtic fan floated the idea of a duo coming to Parkhead after the Euros — while the idea is out there and unlikely to happen — it’s actually something which would likely excite many Celtic fans.

It was the idea Celtic are holding off on appointing a new manager because they could be waiting on them participating in the delayed Euros tournament in June.

If that was the case, the duo of Roberto Martinez and Shaun Maloney would be up there.

Asking fans if they would like to see this ‘dream duo’ at Celtic Park next season. There were plenty who loved the idea and the ones who were negative about the idea of the Belgium boss taking over was because it doesn’t seem realistic.

Martinez and Maloney are heading up Belgium who are ranked number one in the world. But after the Euro’s, you’re likely to see several international coaches leave their posts.

It’s out there, but there was a time when we scoffed at Brendan Rodgers rumours.


Ultimately, Celtic fans aimed very high two seasons ago when the job was up for grabs and the board had other plans.

The Maloney connection makes this more interesting but not more likely to happen.

We’re expecting a middle of the road type appointment at this stage — if the Neil Lennon does move on.


  1. A new footballing outlook is required, sorry Neil.
    If someone told me I wasn’t a good driver, any more and I had countless crashes (only one I was strickly to blame for). And my friends would not let me drive their cars and advised me they would not to be passengers in mine. I would stop driving for a while. Even though that’s what I do, what I am good at, all I have ever done. The amount of people I have taught and trained to drive vehicles of most shape and size.
    I would get a bus everywhere or rely on my pals to drive me, cycle or just walk.

    In the cold reality of the morning after, a bell would ring. And maybe I’d see what they were all talking a out, once the fog had lifted from my brain.
    That morning after feeling is a cun7, but its coming your way. Don’t be a car wreck Neil

  2. Wouldn’t excite me. Yet to see Belgium do well in a tournament despite a highly talented group of players.
    Suspect its the tired old Celtic “connection” in Maloney thats behind this suggestion.
    I don’t care if our next manager or his assistant has ever played for the club-its totally irrelevant


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