CHRIS SUTTON has told Steven Gerrard and his team that they blew it this season!

The BT Sports pundit believes if the Ibrox club were going to topple them then this would have been the season to do it. Celtic have had to deal with high profile departures and injuries this term which has hampered their progress greatly. Yet, today they may be wounded after a Glasgow Derby defeat but they are still Champions and dug out victories when they needed them.

Compare and contrast this Ibrox side who only put their best run of the season together when the pressure was off and Celtic had virtually won the title.

That’s not lost on Chris Sutton who applauds the Ibrox team for their victory but believes it won’t matter come August.

“Let’s face it, the pressure was off and that is when this Rangers team turns up. It’s too little, too late.

“If I was Steven Gerrard I’d be pulling my hair out and wondering where this team was when he needed them back in January and February.

“They have missed a trick this term. It’s all very well lapping up an Old Firm win but they could have done with this form when it mattered.” He told RecordSport.

“There’s been a lot of talk about this win being a marker for next season. Nonsense. Yesterday won’t matter a jot come August.”

Celtic have the league wrapped up and had just come off the back of a long weekend celebrating before the Ibrox trip – the bhoys weren’t good enough on the day but focus is needed before the cup final.


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