NEIL LENNON spoke candidly last year about the abuse he’s received in Scottish football because he is an Irish catholic.

While Hibs boss, Neil was asked his thoughts on the situation after Steve Clarke called Ibrox fans out for their bigoted bile towards him in the dugout.

Clarke claimed he was called a Fenian b****rd among other things by The Rangers fans.

Visibly shaken at the time, Clarke called out these bigoted morons and caused a stir in Scottish football which was quick to be swept under the carpet like all incidents.

It came bubbling to the surface again on Thursday when UEFA slapped the Ibrox club with a partial stadium closure for sectarians and racist chanting.

This was reported by the UEFA delegate at Ibrox for the St Joseph game.

It’s a pity it has taken UEFA intervention to shine a light on this behaviour once again and speaking back in November, Neil Lennon was way ahead of the curve.


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