CHRIS SUTTON thinks there is a certain amount of resentment kicking in, especially on Motherwell’s part at Celtic’s astonishing unbeaten run.

The Steelmen came close to ending it during the week but haven’t stopped whining since Celtic got a late penalty, which they must feel embarrassed about after seeing the footage up close.

Speaking about his own time at Celtic, Chris Sutton said it was Motherwell that ended their 24 game winning streak with a draw and they celebrated like it was a ‘World Cup Win’.

“Celtic are the big scalp.

“The urgency with which other clubs want it to finally happen (Celtic to lose) is now entertaining.

“Seeing how irate some people are getting rather than concentrating on their own job in hand. You can see the resentment creeping in.”

We can see it too Chris!



  1. Makes it All The Sweeter,Our Run Will fnish One Day,It wont be any Big Club like Hibs Aberdeen or Hearts that beat us,It will be one of the smaller.In the meantime,The Leagues Ours for the Winning for the forseeable future.As long as we beat Our Very Own Genuine Honest 9 In A Row.I,d be happy at that..HH

  2. Lang may The Run continue,their collective resentment is now a thing of sheer beauty,the biased bigoted corporations’ deplorable actions shone like a Fuqn astral celebration visible from the next galaxy.
    Farewell Andromeda right annuf
    Keep sticking it to them Big Chris

  3. HH All they are just trying to get into our minds and upset us while all other teams including new club sevco or what ever they are called cheating B comes to mind I do digest lol:The hole of Scottish and beyond should praise the achievement and try to play Football to beat Celtic and entertain the Supporters after all wee pay very Good Money to watch pure Rubbish hh ktf fact:


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