CHRIS SUTTON has never minced his words and he was on top form today as he described the Charly Musonda situation.

The former Celtic star believes that the English developmental league is not all its cracked up to be.

Writing in his Daily Record column the BT Pundit wrote:

‘He’s (Musonda) quietly returned south and it only proves you maybe shouldn’t believe everything you hear about the English development league.

‘Musonda’s a year older than Tierney but he’s played 100 games fewer and I’ve lost count on how many youngsters come to Scotland from the English youth system and fail to crack it.’

Chris is correct, if the player is up to the task physically and mentally they can flourish like Kieran Tierney.

It’s crazy to think how much Tierney has developed playing in game after game and in high pressure situations.

Musonda goes back to Chelsea looking to regroup but maybe he has to rethink his approach.


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