MICHAEL STEWART has blasted the Scotland set-up and in-particular the Scotland manager for their handling of star striker Leigh Griffiths.

The Celtic frontman yesterday pulled out of the Scotland squad to focus on his fitness and get into shape for Celtic’s next phase of the season.

The decision seems to have been an easy one for the striker after the way he was treated last month during the international break.

Michael Stewart has had a go at McLeish for putting Griffiths out to do a ‘thankless’ task against third-placed World Cup stars Belgium and immediately dropping him for the game against Albania.

Speaking to Sportsound Stewart let rip.

“Leigh Griffiths is for me, our number one striker and I can understand why he was annoyed.

“The game against Belgium was a thankless task. He’s playing up front on his own against the second best team in the world at that point and then he gets dropped for the Albania game.

“I don’t understand how you can be so frustrated you drop him for the Albania when you know there’s going to be lots of chances. There’s no long term strategic planning thinking dropping him after that one game.

“This is clearly off the back of the Belgium game where I am led to believe Griffiths was absolutely hammered in the changing room by the staff.”

After the Scotland snub, Leigh went on to score three goals in three games for Celtic and his frustration turned to celebration when he declared he was number one.

McLeish told the media last month that since the last international break, the Celtic striker has been ignoring his phone calls.



  1. McLeish is using his position as Scotland manager to insult Leigh. At least Griffiths shown that McLeish’s old firm hisory is out in the open and is being used against the Celtic striker.

  2. Finally someone in the MSM (Michael Stewart) with the balls to tell it like it is.
    McLeish hung Griffiths out to dry after giving him the impossible task of playing up front against Belgium he opted for his buddy Naismith and the cozy gig against Albania.
    I’m not surprised Griffiths ignored his calls and has pulled a sickie for the next international.

    • Joseph,you are,as is M.Stewart,spot on regarding Griiths thankless task,but lets not forget McLeish gave the same kind of treatment to C.Gordon,giving him the predictable,Scotland goal under pressure game against Belgium,while A.McGregor gets to keep out the might of Albania,go figure.

      • Griff was man enough to take the action he has taken, but I doubt if Gordon is. Players should not allow themselves to be treated like doormats.

        I have much respect for Michael Stewart for his honest assessments.
        He is far and away the best pundit.

  3. I do think he McLeish has said to much it should have been kept in house what happens with player and manager but hey he McLeish could be lucky to hold on his team mates he needs to shut up if i was Griffiths team mates i would walk out on him McLeish and let him McLeish get on with it and good luck to him but for now ram it……………

  4. I don’t think any celtic player should play for this (Sevco Scotland) management team. It is very clear to everyone their anti-celtic agenda. I for one will be supporting anyone but Scotland (except England)

  5. people who get paid by ebts knowing they are dodjing payments walks out on Scotland then gets asked back is not managing for Scotland he is filling his pockets with the help of sfa he should not be near management in Scotland or his backroom staff their is better management out there get shot oh ps Belgium game was a joke 1 up top why was naithsmith not played as 1 up top against them to see what he could do looks like sfa and Scottish football getting taken back to the dark crapp years .

  6. I couldn’t agree more with this article. How can you decide who your #1 striker is when you’re comparing their performances against a completely different level of competition. Apples & Oranges. Why the SFA chose McLeish for this position showed a complete lack of care or imagination. Surely there are better options out there.

  7. Mcliesh is a wanker and he ain’t worthie off the Scotland job and to top it all he’s ginger Scotland will loose every game under that sevco twat 😡😡😡


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