NEIL LENNON has delivered his verdict on this Celtic side after he returned to Celtic Park as a pundit with BT Sport on Thursday night.

The Irishman was relieved of his managerial responsibilities in March – it took much longer than expected for the board to move Neil on and it was the board and Dermot who caused us what now looks like major self-harm by delaying the appointment of Neil’s successor.

Celtic have a light squad and we’re still trying to gel together as team and really adapt to the style Ange Postecoglou wants.

Neil Lennon described Celtic’s football as ‘kamikaze’ at times while speaking to BT Sport [cited by Daily Record]

The former Celtic manager believes the players currently under Ange are not good enough to play his style.

“They came out second half and created some good chances, and that’s nothing to do with the manager in terms of missing the chances.

“We talked about half time that the next goal was really important, and the goalkeeper made some fantastic saves, but over the 90 minutes Leverkusen could have easily got six or seven.

” Joe Hart made a couple of great saves, and the missed some great chances. It’s just kind of kamikaze at the minute.

“It just seems to be we will attack you, you will attack us, and we will see who comes out on top. Tonight there was a ruthless in Leverkusen, and a quality of player that Celtic couldn’t match.

“Are the players good enough to adapt to the way Ange wants to play? On the evidence of tonight you have to say no.

“They are losing too many games at the minute. I would be really reluctant to criticise the manager. There is a rebuilding job here.

“A new back five, injuries, I get all that, but the players they have brought in shouldn’t be losing all of their away games domestically and getting hammered here will damage them psychologically.”

Celtic’s heavy defeat is another loss in a poor run of results. There’s no doubting how massive this rebuild has to be. Neil Lennon helped trash the car now he’s outside kicking the tyres giving his opinion on what needs fixed.

Ange has to be given time, the manager isn’t daft and he will know things need to improve going further.

Celtic fans will back him if they see he’s on a journey, if the team continues to falter then things would change.



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