Most of the time, Chris Sutton is Celtic’s unofficial Twitter ambassador. The ex-Celtic striker likes to use a strange method with his online air time. He uses an unknown power called the truth. Or at least his version of the truth, but he doesn’t hold back on speaking his mind.

His online altercations with pretend Rangers* supporter, Robbie Savage, are now commonplace on the media platform. Sutton always up for a laugh took on the challenge of reading out some full-on “Scottish Twitter” tweets.

Not being from Scotland myself, I can empathise with Sutton on a few of these…

While promoting The Sportsman’s Perfect 10 football predictor game, Sutton manages to squeeze a dig in on Savage whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whatever you think about Chris Sutton he certainly does promote and defend the Scottish game when called upon. Savage is desperate for a bit of attention and desperate for The Rangers to get one up on Sutton’s Celtic. But so far he has been left waiting and Sutton has all the bragging rights.


  1. Savage is a girl, he acts like one he looks like one, and he speaks like one and he also played like one, he’s so jealous of Chris Sutton because he’s actually played in big matches and won top honours, unlike savage who ran about like a ponce getting kickings of his opponents he is infact a fud


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