PAUL LAMBERT was asked about Celtic’s fortunes in Europe this season and had some words of wisdom for the Celtic manager.

Speaking about his own exploits for the Hoops back in the day the Champions League winner spoke of the need for balance in the side.

Lambert also spoke about THAT Juventus game where Celtic were robbed of a point at the death that gave birth to Martin O’Neill’s famous interview after the game.

“We scored goals against top-level clubs – that defeat in Turin still irks me to this day because we should have had a point against Juventus – and having that ability to go and score a goal alleviates pressure throughout the entire team.”

“The balance just doesn’t seem right at the minute. You need to be able to stand strong in these games and play with confidence in yourself and in one another.”

The Stocke City boss has a massive task on his own hands as he looks to steer his new club away from relegation – they currently sit second from bottom in the Premier League.


  1. Loads of advice from ex-players much of accurate. However, the Celtic players know as individuals theya re not good enough to play in Europe and therefore have zero confidence in themselves or trust in their team-mates. The regular hammerings, capitulations and humiliation has demonstrated to them that they are SPL players, some are even struggling with this. For the supporters who said that European thumpings are not that bad because they have more money than us, you were all talking rubbish. Professional footballers have very fragile egos and getting beating tin the embarrassing manner than Celtic have over two seasons have ruined this team. The team needs to be ripped apart and half of them need to go and it needs to be rebuilt. If it is not what makes anyone think it will be any better next season. And as for the dumplings that have been signed recently. Well what can you say?

  2. I see a team with a couple of excellent individuals and a whole load of others capable of playing very good football but who lack mental strength. Rodgers has done a good job lifting many of the players confidence but has not been backed up by much of the vast £60million plus pocketed by the Board from two years of CL qualification. Where has that money gone! Certainly not on player investments which on the whole have been loans, unknown teenage prospects or semi retiring pros. The problem has always been the board and always will be the board. A bunch of charlatans filling their own corporate pockets with zero interest in the club. Good accountants they may well be but clever ambitious visionaries who give their all for the club they certainly are not. Get rid of the lot of them starting with the biggest freeloaders of them all Dermot Desmond, a multibillionaire tax dodger who has yet to give a single penny of his money to improve the club (shares do not count as they are methods of creating profit for oneself). And if anyone thinks we cant get better than Desmond or Peter Lawlell and his Tory cronies, think again. Have some ambition, starting with a clear out of the self serving board.


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