If he was on the fence about it, Eddie Howe seeing Rod Stewart leaning against his car with a word press document asking him to come will surely mean the English manager passes!

Scottish football is unrivalled when it comes to bizarre moments and Rod Stewart taking to social media to try and influence who the next Celtic manager will be is up there.

One Celtic fan called Rod a clown for posting the picture while another one told him to ‘wrap daein that’.

Rod pops in and out of the Scottish football scene and regularly is quoted in the Record hotline where you can find the most bizarre of takes from all sorts of supporters.

The Eddie Howe rumours have died down and there’s not been much on the potential appointment since it broke over the Easter weekend.

Given the magnitude of the game on Sunday in the Scottish Cup, even if there was a new man lined up, we doubt it’s coming this week. Anything of that nature could serve as a distraction.


  1. Howe is using Celtic s bait for his dream manager role in the EPL, at Palace or Newcastle where he is not expected to win every game and Celtic board are sitting on their hands not looking at anybody else as the cheap option and Lennon clone called Kennedy can then be appointed on the back of a 6-0 victory at CP against a middle of the league team that Lennon could not beat.
    As the board’s man Kennedy said “we are not going to appoint a coach just to sell season tickets “. That sums Kennedy up, he does not care what the fans want, he just wants to keep employed by Celtic FC.

  2. 100 % Daniel. ..couldn’t put it any better ,Kennedy talks more tripe than lennon ..always watches a different game from me ..celtic will go for th cheapest option…should have pushed the boat out for th 10…you reap what you sow..


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