CHRIS SUTTON has branded Steven Naismith a coward after stamping on Scott Brown and James Forrest during Celtic’s victory at Tynecastle.

The former Ibrox man should have seen red both times for shocking challenges.

Sutton agrees:

“I called him a coward at half time and I stand by it”

“Naismith should have been off for both challenges on Brown and Forrest”

“Both were shocking and potential leg breakers”

Scott Brown, in particular, has been targeted for shocking challenges because players can’t get the ball from him under normal circumstances.

To his credit, Scott gets up and gets on with it.


  1. What more would you expect from a Rancid little Cretinous Cnt.For Madden not to do Anything just shows the Officials are totally Bias.Hun mentality its a fcking Disease..HH

  2. The picture`s cannot lie, so he`ll be a bit upset, when the sfa take him to task for the stamps. Is he a upset hun then?????????? As he forced the team he supported for so long before sevco down the stank, and killed them with his vicarious greed. Maybe he`ll follow, follow suit wae other ex huns and give all control to his finances to his boyfriend lover.

    The shi73bag.

  3. How he wasnt sent packing after that is absolutely Disgraceful.Then he couldve injured James Forrest,i mean what exactly was Madden doing in this game,Even there goal by Laugherty Broony was fouled seconds before by Naesmith,Again.Just like there Step Bstard brother,Sevco.Cant handle getting beat.Simples.HWG10IAR HH TAL


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