It seems Leigh Griffiths can’t win with Chris Sutton.

Last week the former Celtic striker was told he looked unfit and needed to lose a few pounds as he went about his business for Celtic.

Shortly after Sutton’s comments – Leigh pulled out of the Scotland squad so he could ‘work on his fitness’ during the international break.

This came off the heels of a very counterproductive international break last month when Leigh was made a scapegoat by the Scotland manager and Leigh was unceremoniously dropped for Stevie Naismith.

Leigh has seen more value in staying at Celtic to work on his fitness than warming McLeish’s bench and going through whatever training the Scotland camp undertake.

A move which Chris Sutton should seemingly applaud considering he’d been non-stop about the striker’s fitness.

Well, you would think…

In today’s Daily Record the former Celtic striker thinks

“Griffiths is not fooling anyone with his excuse at pulling out of Scotland duty. I have criticised his fitness but if he is able to play the last five games with Celtic then you can’t tell me he couldn’t have done a job for his country.”

“And they didn’t half need him. At 2-1 down on Thursday night he would have been the man Alex McLeish would have turned to in an attempt to pinch a goal.

“There’s few better at conjuring up a moment of magic, even when he’s not at full capacity. And you only need to look at the Rosenborg game last month as an example.

“Yet Griffiths was at home in the huff. I know the player and manager have both spoken as this incident being a temporary thing but I’m not buying it.”


  1. McLeish is a waste of space just like the team is a waste of time I widnae open ma blinds tae watch them! Past present or future well done Leigh don’t take his pish he’ll be sacked before the tax man gets his money back

  2. If a wis leigh griff a wid be phoning up the es ef eh tay tell them that i would not be playing for mcleech any more……….but when a new manager comes in i will be putting my name back in the ring……..if this scenario was ok for thick prick boyd of the huns then it must be ok for griff of the tic………..Hail Hail

    • Difference here though sonnybhoy,Griff IS a tim and Boyd WAS a currant bun.McLeish got the Scotland gig,via the funny hand shake route, all to help him pay off his tax bill.Won’t be long before that’s cut short,his tactics in the Israel game were rank rotten.Tierney should have been used in his usual marauding,left back should Forrest have been on ftom the start,on the right wing.Had the Griff situation been handled correctly,McLeish could have had,Tierney,MacGregor,Forrest and Griffiths with ex celt Armstrong also in the team,making up a core of players,who have blended together over the last three seasons at Celtic,they could have replicated that familularity and winning mentality for Scotland.The big EBT recipient couldn’t put his bigoted view to one side and play as many Celts in one of his teams,he will surely then suffer the consequences of that bigoted view and be back on the jobseekers list,probably never to be heard again,until the same bigoted SMSM need a dismissive quote from him,regarding a Celtic player he has experience of during his time in football playing/managing.

      • Yes annoyed at chris sutton .he needs the money like gers he was skint. By his own admission . According to scots media few year ago. I rember back in 60s jinky johnston was asked to run the line at scotland training .by Walter mcCrae. And jimmy walked off and headed to parkhead . To continue training andf media followed met big jock and asked why jimmy leave largs he in huff. No jock replied he in training here .yous go and ask scotland coach . 2weeks later celtic v killie beat them 6.0 jimmy scored 4 a think . On his way off park at FT. Jimmy says to Walter mccrae .no bad for a fkn linesman 😂

    • Sutton’s turning into a job preservating,tool for the SMSM’s,stop Celtic at all costs drive.
      John Hartson is now the only non Scottish voice who regularly has our backs on the TV

  3. Sutton piss of kt droped 2 younobuyn that is ya ya muppet you tell him to lose couple pun back ta club ta get fit an you slate himwhy dont you say well done wee man you an the rest of the muppets are no welcome at parkhead so piss off back hame hh for ever

  4. I don’t know what Sutton is talking about one day he is all for you the next day he is giving out about you im beginning to think he is only a another Mouth like the rest of them.

  5. Sutton is becoming Robbie savage
    Loves the sound of his own voice and will say anything to get a headline.
    Bored of his nonsense now
    Hail Hail


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