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CHRIS SUTTON has gone all out attack on the Ibrox club, much like he did as a player ahead of Sunday’s game.

Sutton, who commended the job Graeme Murty has done and does believe they have a chance at Ibrox but he hammered them for the bluster and arrogance they’ve shown since last weekend when they ‘roared’ at the Semi-Final draw.

“I’d ask the question, were they cheering because they were happy with the draw – or was it a total bluff?” Sutton told the Daily Record.

Come on. The closer we get to kick-off the more reality will kick in. They will be s****ing themselves when they go to bed tonight.”

Sutton believes The Rangers have made life more difficult for themselves and fired up their Glasgow rivals – which is not a good move.

“The noises coming out of the Rangers dressing room would have been music
 to my ears if I was still a Celtic player.”

“Celebrating drawing Celtic in the Scottish Cup? It didn’t take much to get motivated for an Old Firm game but I would have absolutely relished this nonsense.”

Th BT pundit believes the result will be all down to Celtic – if they turn up then it’s purely academic. If Celtic bring their inconsistent lacklustre form then we could be in for a game.


  1. Careful now chris.when was the last time we played half decent. I hope I’m wrong but I see a tight game unless we get a few of our better players back from injury.

  2. Last paragraph in Sutton piece says it all, if Celtic turn up with our A game we will win, if we turn up and play as we have done for the majority of this season then it’s anyone’s game. My prediction is a 4-1 win for Celtic

  3. No doubt we will have more of the ball, more chances than der hun, however if we get a couple of early goals then it could be 4, 5 or even 6, the tighter it is the more influencial the MIB. HH.


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