CELTIC FANS have once again asked what head of recruitment Lee Congerton has been doing the past two summers.

The man brought into Celtic Park and tasked with unearthing the talent at Celtic Park has come up severely short.

Celtic fans now want to see change, they want answers but a lot of them want to see Lee be punted out the door by Brendan Rodgers.

Speaking to Sunderland fans about the scout – it’s evident they didn’t rate him one bit and a lot of them leave a lot of responsibility at his door for the mess Sunderland were in when he left his position.

Celtic fans want to see major changes in this department.

Celtic’s inward transfers since Lee Congerton became head of recruitment:

Kundai Benyu
Jonny Hayes
Olivier Ntcham
Marvin Compper
Charly Musonda
Lewis Morgan
Scott Bain
Odsonne Edouard

Is he doing a good job?


  1. Get him to F and Lawell, Lawell isn’t stupid which begs the question are they letting TRFC catch up deliberately? If they are and I think its a serious question as no one can be that incompetent then add Dermot Desmond and the board to that list, imo they should have been sacked for not dealing with the cheating RFC.

  2. Simple question here for Mr Rodgers.

    What were the name of the signing targets you gave the board? We know of John McGinn and Edouard. Now you have clearly stated it is more quality than quantity. Well you got Edouard for a hefty sum and missed out on McGinn which i agree was unforgivable.
    However what were the names of the central defenders you asked for given that fans reporters and my dead granny have been telling you until we are green in the face is an area Celtic have been lacking. To be honest it’s the whole defence and I include Tierney in this. He is great going forward but is no better a defender than the rest. Martin O’Neil build the Celtic team from the back. You would be wise to do the same

  3. We are always going to struggle to get players while our money laundering neighbours can offer so much more in today’s game of greed and opulence. Who is going to come to Scotland while their ‘Windae’ is still open and there is a chance of getting a slice of the wages on offer? The agent of any quality player we approach will immediately tout him around so what chance do we really have?

  4. Unfortunately, this question regarding Celtic’s defensive frailties has been going on for a number of years and a few Managers now. Last time we had a really solid defence was under Martin O’Neil.
    Why do we have a defensive coach and what does he actually do? What does Lee Congerton get paid for? The Celtic Board are so predictable. They have adopted this ‘we will go with what we’ve got’ mentality for years when you need to strengthen from a position of strength.
    I would suggest that the Green Brigade need to look out the old banners about the Board used under Ronnie Deila’s reign. They are more interested,as Chris Sutton says, in fancy lights and hotels than improving the team.

  5. Its time for a total shake up at Celtic.Not bringing in a defender thats been obvious we have needed for a few seasons now,Is actually Criminal.If we had sorted these problems as they arose.We wouldnt be in this type of position Now.Its the Boards fault.The buck stops at Them and Dermot.FFS get the finger oot and get Our Club sorted,Pronto..If this continues The stadium will gradually Empty..Not doing anything regarding that Cheating Establishment over the Clyde is Alarming.Is Our Board Guilty by Association…

    • It’s not harsh it’s reality pal Lee congerton garbage scout been saying this for ages to sort defence oot hasn’t u always have to build fae back Martin o Neil knew how to do so start doing your job pal or beat it noo I want Kennedy oot tae

  6. If the next players signed to Celtic are not at Right Back and Centre Back the whole lot of them should resign. I don’t want to hear of creative geniuses, game changing wingers/ midfielders et al. Fix the defence you bunch of muppets or you are not fit for purpose. That’s the board, Brendan and Congerton.

  7. Bain, Eddy, N’cham And Morgan are good business, great business I’d say. I don’t think you’re ever going to get 100% right, however to miss out on McGinn because of Lawwell and his ego is sad.

  8. Lee Congerton has a key question to answer: what has your priority signing been? If it hasn’t been good RB and CB then he is in the wrong job! Ajer and Hendry can’t cope without a experienced no – nonsense CB to organise them. We ‘ve signed a sick note in Compper so you must be having a laugh! The problem has been there since BE arrived and 99% of supporters know it so why not you?


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