CHRIS SUTTON used his Daily Record column to put out his opinion on Neil Lennon being the man to take over at Celtic should Brendan Rodgers leave at any point before his contract is up.

The column is well balanced and Sutton doesn’t advocate for change.

However, the Englishman does go into detail about how Neil Lennon is the only man to take over for Rodgers.

Sutton bigging up his former teammate and putting forward the argument Lennon’s recruitment and European record is better than Rodgers current standings.

By the same token, Rodgers domestic record is quite incredible and Neil Lennon was never able to match that.

Some Celtic fans have taken exception to Sutton prolonging this story after Charlie Nicholas put it out there last week.

The former Celtic striker has been replying to some but has been flippant with others as he responds to the criticism.

One Celtic fan wrote underneath ‘You’re coming into the category of a Boyd or Commons’.

In this instance, it seems to be an overreaction by some to some harmless out loud thinking.

There is no way Sutton is trying to fuel speculation and is just giving you the ‘What If’ scenario.


  1. In your article,you claim that some of the comments about Suttons “out loud thinking” as you put it,are over the top.Suttton may not be trying to fuel speculation,with his “what if”scenario,but just giving his input adds to the speculation,which isn’t exactly a piece denying the speculation,in fact it gives some credence to the rumours, given that it’s coming from one of our own,an ex player,who you would think still had some inside knowledge and real contacts within Celtic Park,unlike numpty Nicholas,who started the rumour and hasn’t been near Celtic Park for ages.I thought Sutton was a ex-player who would always have our backs,but recently i have been dissappointed in a lot of Suttons articles on Celtic matters,where he has seemed to be toeing the jabba party line of All things Rangers goooood!!!!,Celtic baaaad!!!
    I realise Sutton has to make a living,but is the money he gets from his articles for the scum rag which is the
    Daily Record,really worth kit???Chri needs to take a look at his ex teamate John Hartson,whoi has never,to the best of my Knowledge written or said anything negative or derogatory about Celtic,just to grab head lines.In fact Hartson made a short video only a couple of days ago regarding the Lennon/Rodgers rumour,messrs Sutton and Nicholas should have a look at it,they will see and hear how a true ex player should act.Many foregn ex-celts like Marc Crossas,Virgil.Van.Dke,Artur Boruc and just this week Beram Kayal and many others have spoken of their strong attachment to the club,without negative sensationalism.


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