BRENDAN RODGERS has hit back at claims by Craig Levein that players need protection from Scott Brown.

The Hearts manager, clearly still rattled by the hammering his side took at Celtic Park on Tuesday night told the media that Scott Brown meant to injure Harry Cochrane in a roundabout way.

Speaking at today’s press conference the Celtic manager defended his captain and questioned Levein’s team choice.




  1. why oh why slate broony, he is a complete proffesional player , yes sometimes he hits hard but most players do , he would not go out to injure a fellow player deliberatly , as happens often an example is on our lovely kt , what hammerings this young man takes , yet gets up and carries on , a credit to celtic, so brendan is correct in his statment on his captain , believe its sour grapes on leviens part , simple fact your team was outclassed by celtic .

  2. His own players have defended broony and he is still trying to bad mouth our captain next time broony sees him he should just put one on his chin and tell him thats how i hurt people deliberately ya muppet HH

  3. Actually, this is slander and should be taken to a court of law. It looks very much as if Levein has an agenda. His comments after the Hibs game were offensive as well. He is afflicted with the Scotland’s shame disease.

  4. Is this the same Craig Levein who punched one of his own teammates so hard during a friendly match , that he rendered the player ( Graham Hogg), unconcious, and broke his nose in the process.
    Hogg had to be carried from the pitch in Kirkcaldy. Levein was subsequently banned for 10 games

  5. Ach, I’ll just say it. Levein’s behaviour always seems to me to be that if a petulant little schoolboy who doesn’t get his own way. A primary schoolboy.

  6. Graig levein is two faced his player go around assaulting other players nothing said all brownie was doing was putting the wee laddie in his place and bye the way that wee laddie likes to put in a tackle to got away with a few in the game did not hear levein say anything their it’s a man’s game so the wee laddie should not play if he can’t handle it

  7. Levine should hang his head in shame for his latest pathetic rambling. What did he think was going to happen after defeat at swinecastle. “get oot there cochy lad he’s in your pocket” aye right!!!


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