CHRIS SUTTON has taken to social media to shoot down comments made by his brother John Sutton.

Speaking on BT Sports, the former St Mirren striker came to an odd conclusion with regards to the team emanating from Ibrox.

“Apart from my brother and die-hard Celtic fans, I think everyone is looking forward to an improved Rangers.” he said.

“People might not have liked the result but Helicopter Sunday for Scottish football, that’s what we want to get back to.

“We want to get back to the top six games at the end of the season being really, really meaningful again.”

John was a pundit on BT to watch Kilmarnock vs St Mirren in the first round of the Bet Fred Cup where he made the unfounded comments which Chris was all too happy to pick him up on.

John can hardly say he’s a man with his finger on the pulse of Scottish football after this.

Well said, Chris!


  1. Get back to Helicipter Sundays,Well that Rancid Mob would definitely Need there EBT Cheque Book.And all there Other Didgy bs that helped Them Equal Celtics 9 In A Row…FFS Dirty Cheating Hun Scum

  2. Ebt years – seeing that Celtic and anyone else don’t seem to have the balls to challenge the loss of trophies / earnings – esp in Europe / and everything else that goes with it how’s about this idea. Let All the players who were cheated from winning trophies UNITE and sue the SFA/SPFL – part of this case needs to be that the trophies won are removed from the cheating parties as per normal. It would be a costly court case but I for one would happily chip in , I am sure you know a few well heeled gentleman Phil who might be interested in funding this case.

  3. Well said jungle big Sutton playing to the gallery me thinks as he know the posion are utter filth and cheating ones at that Hail Hail 10,15 20!in a row tho should be that already!!if it wasn’t for the corrupt sfa and cheating huns!


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