ALEX MCLEISH likes to poke his head above ground every so often, the former EBT head honcho at Ibrox sounds like he’s sick of this ten in a row chat, so much so, he wants it ended by next year!

“Let’s be honest, people say that Rangers have got to stop 10-in-a-row, but you’ve got to stop the next one,” McLeish said.

“It can’t be about stopping 10-in-a-row, they’ve got to stop the next one. You can’t wait and plan for three years ahead.

“Graeme Murty has made some good advances and the players he’s added have been good, so they have to aim for the top.”

Now, what he’s saying is logical in the sense that of course The Rangers would be dying to stop Celtic from beating the record the Parkhead club actually made for themselves back in the 60s.

Afterall, the sooner they get a major trophy in their ranks the less bitter some of their fanbase might become…MIGHT.

However, while it’s logical to want the team to win the league, how realistic is it? Especially considering that had it not been for lack of funds to hire a bus they would have paraded through the streets of Govan after coming away from Celtic Park with a point.

Levels have to be set and to be fair, they have set those levels themselves. McLeish may want the hurting to stop but what you want and what you get are two very different things. While they continue to obsess over Celtic’s longterm goals they neglect their own short-term ones – a recipe for disaster.


  1. I’m not overly interested in ten in a row tbh, I want to see Celtic compete on a bigger stage, we have to be in a bigger league to do that. While we are here then , yes, by all means, let’s strive to win everything every year, but the real world outside Glasgow is a big place, we will be left behind unless we get out

  2. BrassNeck McLeish Who is an Absolute Embarrassment to Anything and Everything related to Matters of Premier Football in Scotland.Spouting Nothing But Sheer Fantasy regarding Sevco Having to stop Celtics Run to 10 In A Row.The same man who confessed to blatant cheating and Obtained well over a Million Quid through the HunZz Illegal EBT scheme.Now this Ginger Rancid Cretin is shouting about his Secret Help towards the Sevco Cause…Without EBT’s there old Club would Never Ever have Equaled Our 9 In A Row….Its actually Absurd that Any Decent Honest Person would listen too These Scumbags Beggars Belief…HfH Get It Roon Them

  3. Only in Scotland Are These Corrupt Arsewipes Getting Media Outlets to let them Spout there Bg Club Mentality.When the truth of the matter is McLeish is a Known Cheat,Just like the rest Over at the Crumble Dome.I find it amusing how they are spouting about Stopping Cektic when all they Cant even afford to buy players.Relying on Loan Deals.You Tell Us Sevco.The Masterplan to Success.LOANS LOANS LOANS!!!!!!

  4. Just wondering,Were was all these Real RainJurZz men when RFC 1872 Died a Humiliatingly Embarrassing Death.And the whole Planet heard and read about it.No Club has Ever been Liquidated and just carried on as if it was all just a misunderstanding.Oh they certainly Do Not do Walking Away.They Absurdly Brass there Necks with the (cough cough) Same Club,Nonsense.There very 1st game in there short history was against Brechin as i recall they were called Sevco Scotland 5088.Not long after that game,They changed there name.At one point there was Two Clubs at ibroke.The One that was eventually Liquidated and Died and This Club,Sevco.But dont believe Anyone who tells the truth.The Facts are there for any sensible person with some brains to Look into.And the truth is the truth.Anyone telling the truth is either a Celtic fan or a RainJurZz hater and Jealous.lolololol.These Sevco Fans are really something Else,Entirely.Deloodeid.They need Help.On a psycological level.

  5. I hope and i Prey that The most Corrupt Club to ever play in Scottish Footballing History is served a heavy dose of reality.When Celtic Do Get to 10 In A Row.The Reality Being,It kills Them Again.Trying to keep up with Us.Trying to Stop Celtic breaking Our Own Truthful Honest 9 In A Row.Killing There Old Club just to Try n Stay Above the Mighty Celtic.And these Cretins have the Gaul to imply we are the Obsessed Ones.lololololol ffs what Planet are these Absurdities Really From……McLeish and fckers of his ilk are Nothing more than an Utter Embarrassment to Football,Simples…

  6. Thats Right Brassneck,You tell the World.The DeRangers will stop the Mighty Green n White Juggernaut.Real Sevcolona and there Masterplan,And how the footballing World will be brought to its knees by the Loan Signings of the Decade.FFS,Just how gullible are These Gullibillies.Its the very same Criminals at Sevco that were at that other Dead Club.Once Bitten,Twice Shy.That doesnt apply to these Loopy Insane Bsterds.I thought this was a sketch from Only An Excuse


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