BRENDAN RODGERS has contested Olivier Ntcham’s red card tonight after his side’s frustrating 0-0 draw in Paisley.

The referee, Andrew Dallas sent Ntcham off in the first half – showing the Frenchman two yellow cards.

However, the Celtic manager believes his second yellow has come because of multiple fouls committed by the player – the main one being a challenge that should never have been a foul in the first place.

Rodgers also bemoaned the challenge that seen his midfielder sent for an early shower by saying he’s come across to block the ball and not foul.

The Irishman believes the crowd have played their part as well as poor refereeing has mixed together to create the sending off.

Brendan Rodgers seemed visibly annoyed and he tries his best not to call out officials when sometimes he maybe should.

It’s clear he wasn’t amused at all by Dallas and his officials who did make bizarre decisions throughout the game.


  1. Lets have it brendan ……no more being the diplomat my bhoy ……….. give stinking to every date of birth cunt that is always willing to undermine our team and our club…..the ref wis fuquin shocking….but then again he is the papal haters son ………….. what do we expect ………..fuquin umpteen fouls on our players nuffin given………..for the reason ntcham was sent of there where mirrored fuquin shit fay the paisley hun….but then again the ref wis actually the son of another ref who was actually found out to be a bigoted hun and sacked.(but he wasn’t sacked for being a bigot………….he was actually sacked for being caught out as a bigot….the sfa don’t like being caught with their panties down and you will feel the consequences of their power wether you are a hun or not…….do not cause us to defend ourselves in public hugh …………yafanny…….dallas….anyway…….good point fur the tic against the tried and tested hun cunts that are the refs the linesmen and the fourth official……………..Hail Hail

  2. Sorry Mr Rodgers. The referee got many decions wrong but not the sending off. Looked a stone Waller to me. It might be better getting the side to play fast attacking football like they did against Rangers than the pedestrian slow sideways football of tonight. Created little or nothing the whole game even when Ntcham was on. Performances like tonight will cost us the title that is for sure.

  3. We only appear to put on a performance against against the Huns, those lazy cunts tonight thought they would just turn up
    For the 3 points, it was a shocking effort from
    The 1st min tilll the last. St Mirren should have been in front at half time, we could have played all night and shot blanks, garbage from us

  4. YEA another Tony Mowbray/Gordon Strapon momentus failure at a weekday game, in the rainy town of Paisley. KT was logjammed everytime he strode forwards. The ‘ To me to you’ and back to Craigie Gordons feet, had me dreading a goal for St Helen Mirren, on the break. It was shocking tae watch. So please never again. But shi7e happens.


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