JOHN HARTSON has told Steven Gerrard he hasn’t got a clue what he’s on about after the Ibrox boss petulantly grasped at straws, telling the media The Rangers don’t get the big decision.

Writing in his Evening Times column – Hartson pulled no punches as he revealed the extent of the bad decision that plagued him during his time at Celtic, especially against the club emanating from Ibrox.

‘In my time at Celtic we always felt that decision went the other way and folk used to scoff and bang on about conspiracy theories. But I scored two perfectly legitimate goals against Rangers – one in my debut at Ibrox and another in a semi-final – and both were wrongly chalked off for offside.

‘They were blatantly on. I mean blatantly on….a blind man would have called them as being onside. So don’t give us this chat about decisions going Rangers’ way.’

Steven Gerrard’s comments are all deflection. The type of stuff we’ve seen for years now when the Ibrox club toil, it’s hilarious how the tables have turned.



  1. If Neil Lennon had made the comments that slippery Steve has made, he’d be up in front of the hampden Lynch mob before the show finished.
    The media would be demanding he be run out of Scottish football by an angry mob with burning torches and sticks.

  2. Just another hurtin hun, we’ll see how long he’ll be their saviour when they’re 10 points behind us at Xmas. COYBIG HH

  3. Gerrard is nothing more than a media distraction while the financial deception continues in plain sight. They’ve added a few more thugs to their existing bunch. Given their apparent financial issues I wonder where money coming from to fund their ongoing transfer activity.
    Gerrard cost BR his first Premiership title in England. That won’t be forgotten. I’m looking forward to us dismantling them on the pitch.

    • when you think of it,gerrard done us a favour then as BR might not have come to Celtic if liverpool had won the title that season

  4. No Brendan, would not have come because of SG’S previous howler. But he never blamed SG. There was another ten men on the field of play, who had to share the responsiibilty. And not to mention the subs on the bench.
    Although Brendan still would’ve come, he arrived just in time. To save Celtic. That we all thank oor lucky four leafed clover’s for.

  5. Let’s just put them in their proper place come Sept 2nd and if the early goals come demoralise the guerning scoucser with a beating he will not forget because we won’t let him.


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