CHEEKY Zenit English twitter account has had a dig at Celtic for not using their ‘correct logo’ for Thursday’s Europa League Match Programme.

The retro looking programme looks one of Celtic’s best efforts in recent years and will surely be a collector’s item for a lot of fans – but Zenit’s official English twitter is having none of it!

Zenit have had many different variations of their logo over the years, the one Celtic are using is five years out of date.

Seems like the lads at Zenit are being lighthearted about the whole thing. In one tweet they wrote ‘Fix our logo or we’ll fix the tournament’ – If they could fix it for Celtic to win that would be fantastic!

Here is their up to date logo. If anyone at Celtic is reading this 😉



  1. I like the official response from Celtic, that the use of the old Zenit badge was a deliberate and well intended salute to Zenit, acknowledging through the use of their badge of that year, their most famous triumph in Europe. Naturally, the orc fans are beelin’ at the reminder of their loss in Manchester and subsequent “cultural” conduct on the streets of that fair city.


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