HENRIK LARSSON was asked to pick a five-a-side team consisting of players he has played with over his career.

The names in it are incredible, but the names left off it are also amazing.

There was room for one Celtic player in Henrik’s five-a-side team; Chris Sutton!

The Celtic Legend went with Valdes, Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi and Sutton. That won’t make the BT Pundit’s head any bigger!

Ignore Kris Boyd sooking up to the Celtic legend on the podcast.

Henrik has played with some phenomenal talent in his career. He could fill so many great teams with guys he’s come up against. The fact Sutton gets in ahead of a Zlatan Ibrahimovic is quite impressive.

Larsson had seven years at Celtic where he cemented his place as Celtic’s greatest every foreign star.

The Swede is still held in very high regard at the club and he has nothing but great things to say about Celtic.



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