Maybe some pennies are starting to drop, maybe some zombies have had a light bulb moment as Hamilton Accies got their first win at Ibrox since 1926.

Maybe, or maybe a new “Rangers Man” will be put in place during the week and everyone can go back into default “we are the people” mode.

They just won’t learn. Here is a snapshot which displays a quick flash of realism and reality that never lasts too long. This is when the Ibrox team went 1-0 down, the No Surrender page went missing at full time and judging by the empty seats they were not the only ones who walked away.

Laugh it up.


  1. For the first time since 1925 Hahahahamilton Trounced Real Sevcolona who are Only 6 Years Old….And the Fact is These Parasites from the Crumble Dome were Foundead in 2012.The usual pish from the Hun Alliance….My sides are killing Me.Been laughing my head off since the final whistle at the Crumble Dome,Yesterday.Sevco are Not RainJurZzzz.Sevco are Not Oldco.Hence the Embarrassment and Humiliation that is Real Sevcolona….GIRUTDOP

  2. OMG were are all these Real RainJurz Men.Get a Shovel and Start Digging.Ye know the Scenario.On the Grave Stone it says Rangers RiP.Get Digging for the Next Real RainJurz man coz They Died when Oldco Died.FACT


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