There is is still a lot of snobbery down south when it comes to the SPFL and players heading up here in any capacity.

However, one Chelsea fans group on social media have broken that trend, suggesting that Charly Musonda’s potential move to Celtic would be a fantastic move for both Celtic and the player.

They correctly point out some of the players who have came to from Celtic to take the EPL by storm. Maybe, not so much Aiden McGeady who headed to England via Russia but the rest are very good examples.

Considering Virgil van Dijk is now the most expensive defender in world football, anyone who continues to turn their nose up at Celtic’s ability to make stars should think twice.


  1. Good for the player, good for Chelsea. But good for Celtic? I am not so sure. He will cost a fortune in wages around 1.4 million for 18 months. Are Chelsea pitching in? If so, how much. Plus should we not be signing 1st team ready players of out own or trying to develop our own players instead of sending them out on loan to lesser clubs as Chelsea appear to be doing with Musonda. Reports coming out of Belgium suggest he would rather go anywhere else than Scotland and is waiting to see if he can move to La Liga. Hardly encouraging. Charlie Big Potatoes immediately becomes the highest paid player at the club when he doesn’t even want to play for us. We have signed a load of youngsters who are now viewed as not good enough and out on loan while we develop other clubs players. If it were anyone else but the sainted Brendan the supporters would be screaming blue murder.

  2. Worked out just fine for Paddy Roberts,or has that conveniently been forgotten in the rush to have a go at Celtic the average shrlf life of an exciting talent at CP is 2 seasons e.g. VVD & Wants me,there’s too many Celtic fans eager to have a dig at the heirachy

  3. Well said Derek to many whingers in our support, 1 defeat in 18 months and musonda is better than anyone in our team, I’ll gaur entree it as I’ve seen him 5 times.

  4. I know nothing about the player but I do know this Celtic team peaked last deason and have hit the wall , we need quality brought in, hopefully this lad can provide it. And let’s be honest it’s a million miles off EPL levels so favs there will be concerned about their clubs players coming here. How would Celtic fans feel about Celtic loaning a promising player out to a club in Ireland for example?

  5. Its nothing to do with the players but if we want them then get them in as our players all we heard before the window was BR wanted to do our buying early and we are now 4 days away and no improvment been made i am not asking the board to go and spend crazy money but as we have seen there are players out there its just looking in the right places as vvd wanyama ki but our second half today was as bad as the last game before the break so nothing has changed we were told they were tired needing rest but its not the same team week in week out BR has rotated the team for nearly every game so its the players they look scared to play a forward pass for what reason only BR knows we need to play at a better tempo and kill games off only my view but need something diffrent or maybe just been spoiled the last year but also want more of the same as its only way to keep in front and need to sort euro form HH

  6. stupid comment”league of ireland” utter fool Personally dont want a player that doesnt realise THAT CELTIC ARE! ONE THE BIGGEST MOST ICONIC CUBS ON THE PLANET!!IN THAT IS A FACT!1

    • Celtic are indeed a big club , taking many things interesting ncinsideration, but we play in a tiny, relatively weak league, hence the suggestion some fans may have about their clubs sending players here. Some people seem to be in denial about the sad reality of the modern game. Celtic are a wonderful historic institution , like ahaxand benfica but our stick is low in the big world outside Glasgow

  7. if Charly Maradona Musonda is holding out for La Liga,Let him go elsewhere.The last thing Celtic needs is a player that realistically thinks Celtic are beneath his Presence.Why bring in a Player from a Small Club?Celtic are Massive on the World Stage.It doesnt look that way on the Transfer Front.Its scandalous that we are days away from the window smashing shut,And We havent even got One addition for the Europa games.This is Alarming.To say the least.As is,We will be extremely lucky to get anywhere in Europa.Zenit arent cut from the same cloth as Scottish Premier Opposition.Infact i would go as far as saying,Zenit is our Europa Final.And there is always next season if we get additions in By Then.It pains me,Saying That regarding My Club.

  8. I really like Roberts but whose player is he? Not ours. It has been good for Roberts but in the long term it is not good for Celtic. Why? Because Roberts will not sign for Celtic. these signings are an example of the reduced status of our club, that we are now developing talent to be flogged to the lesser clubs of the EPL. Regardless of how he might light up the SPL for a few months I would rather we developed our own. good god we have a club full of prospects.

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