It hasn’t been made clear by Celtic as of yet that refunds are available if you wish to apply for one. We assume the club are in the middle of notifying anyone who is entitled to a partial refund for the season ending.

A lot of Celtic supporters have already declared they don’t want the refund BUT there will be supporters out there who will take up the opportunity to do so and that’s absolutely fine.

Celtic’s current handling of it leaves plenty of room for improvement, to say the very least.

A link was given out online to deal with refunds but when we checked it, the link was dead.

Celtic FC SLO has passed on the downloadable form to anyone on social media who’s looking at their options. See and print below.

Click to access Celtic_Season_Ticket_Refund_Form_Season_2019_20.pdf

We’re not alone in thinking Celtic have handled this poorly with one prominent Celtic account also voicing their displeasure at the way the club is going about this.

There are supporters facing financial hardship and while some are in a position to say keep the money – there will be others who will find the refund helpful. It could pay for a part of next seasons tickets for example.

Bottom line, it should be made easy, fast and simple for anybody who would like a refund.

With three new Adidas kits coming out soon, many supporters said they’d be happy with a superstore voucher but that isn’t possible. Anyone who wants to go down that route should take the refund then put it straight back into the superstore when the new kits come out.


  1. What a fuss about nothing.Partick have hardly any ST holders.Celtic have many.If you don’t have a printer connected to your lap top or pc,get a friend to print out some forms,take a stroll round to pick them up,fill them in and go to your Post Office(which has always been open) buy a stamp and envelope and post.You will receive a chequer and you go to your bank(which has always been open) and put it into your account.Maybe you would prefer to give someone your bank details (multiple accounts) over the phone and find that someone has gone on a lovely online spending spree with all your cash and your bank asks you ‘Did you give anyone your families bank account details to any desperate person recently?’ Oh….


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