JOHN HARTSON has tonight put the Premier League fan boys in their place when the topic of Brendan Rodgers being brought in by Leicester to manage the struggling English side next season.

When the question was put to John his first instinct was to say ‘why?’.

The former Celtic striker then set the record straight as to what Brendan Rodgers was doing at Parkhead and how special it was to get to ten in a row.

Even when pushed to on the issue about failures in Europe and Rodgers looking to get some success elsewhere in that regard, John quickly hit back with Leicester aren’t in Europe and won’t be next term.

This was still not enough for Michael Owen who gave Celtic the standard patronising ‘Celtic are a huge club’ sound bite before talking about how Brendan Rodgers fancies himself as a very top manager and that he can’t prove that in the SPFL but somehow could prove it at a club like Leicester.

The Premier League fan boys will never learn.


  1. Well said Hartson, but I dont see a whole lot wrong with what Owen said either? We really are an oversensitive lot, almost on a par with the over arrogance we take exception too

  2. These people really are full of shit. Why would anyone go to liesester nowhere world instead of Celtic, the best club in Britain. Hh

  3. Well done John hartson .why go to a middle of the league side in England. Mediocre team ok one off league win. English league over rated 5 or 6 team league with only 3 at most 4 teams in it to win it and alot of boring games

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