LEICESTER has announced they will have a key man leaving the club at the end of the season with the announcement Eduardo Macia, head of recruitment will be leaving his post at the end of the season.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows how Brendan Rodgers works and how the Irishman likes to get his own team in.

This looks like the clearest signal of intent Brendan Rodgers is about to swoop for Celtic’s head of recruitment Lee Congerton, the man who he appointed himself at Celtic.

Congerton has been unimpressive during his time at Celtic with many fans pointing to the rate of unsuccessful players the scout has brought into the club.

There would be no tears shed for Lee if he does go and Leicester fans should be worried, just like Sunderland fans warned Celtic fans about Lee’s track record.

We await to see if Rodgers will make his move.


  1. Congerton will be more happy by St Brendan and co’s side. As Leicester have much more cash to spend on players coming in.

    Celtics tight fistedness
    will not be lost in the mire anymore. As they say they have loads of money for a league winning side. But have they no European dreams.

    Like the bunch of munch they ousted in the early nineties. The answer Is the same, long pocket’s and short arms.

    But a much better off stadium and bank balance.

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