CELTIC have gone 12 points clear at the top after another win at the weekend while they’re nearest rivals managed a battling point in Perth.

The BBC Sportscene highlight show had a distinct lack of impartiality with two former Ibrox players sitting on the panel. However, even the two men on the panel; Neil McCann and Steven Thompson could put a positive spin on Steven Gerrard’s title hopes. However, Neil McCann flippantly threw out a comment which because of who he was sitting with, wasn’t challenged.

The former Dundee manager wasn’t hopeful of an Ibrox title win but he did point out there were two ‘Old Firm’ games left that you wouldn’t put past the Ibrox club of winning. Just casually throwing it out there with not the semblance of a challenge on the matter.

“There are still two old firm games to go, and you wouldn’t put it past Rangers of winning those” McCann said.

BBC go out their way to have varying points of view on their programming, to the point they’ve got people on TV just telling lies because it’s the opposite opinion of someone stating facts. They don’t feel the need to do this on Sportscene and have punished impartial pundit Michael Stewart for calling out the Ibrox spin machine.


  1. Two EBT recipients on Sportscene? Simply cancel your payment for a BBC licence and tell them you’ll explain your reason why if they have the cheek to prosecute…..

  2. They cannot prosecute if you do not watch TV.
    Just don’t watch TV. Why would you anyway. The evidence points to a propaganda machine to control minds. Leave TV to the mindless.
    There are other ways of spending your time and they are much superior.

  3. I was watching sky sports news yesterday you know when their telling people the results of the games I watched it for bout 60 mins and guess what you wouldn’t have thought we had played yesterday because everybody else’s games were spoke bout celtic really need tae get stuck in tae these fools after all were not the ones in the wrong we proved them wrong is this the reason for the non mention of celtic during a results programme and surely if we’ve got media duties that we must comply with surely theyve got obligations disgusting very very angry sky customer and celtic fan hail hsil


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