Former Manchester Utd defender Nemanja Vidić has claimed only Celtic fans compare to his first team Red Star when it comes to making an intimidating atmosphere.

The defender played at Celtic Park for Manchester Utd in the Champions League and was part of the team who lost out to the Scottish Champions in a 1-0 defeat thanks to a Shunsuke Nakamura special.

Retired now and looking back at his career, the defender recalls the first ten minutes of the Celtic game in particular and how the support ‘breathed fire’.

“They were in Naples, which had a reputation for being loud and intimidating, but when you have played at Red Star you don’t really get intimidated.” he told RecordSport.

“Maybe only at Celtic Park for the first ten minutes of a game when the fans breathe fire towards the players. I loved playing at Celtic and felt it was like my mentality that I had grown up with.”

Celtic are famous for their hostile Champions League night atmosphere where they have sunk more than a few heavy hitters over the years. Barcelona stars will likely talk of the same intensity playing in the cauldron of Celtic Park and coming out second best.


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