It was @CSCmerch who posted a graphic of the below concept Celtic kit shortly after the club had announced a five-year deal with the sporting brand giants.

Celtic fans are excited to see what Adidas will conjure up over the length of their contract and with the football shutdown in effect, so many people are discussing what Celtic kits might look like.

CSC Merch attributes the design as a cross between the Celtic 1991 away shirt and the X Boca Juniors 2019 Adidas Away Shirt.

With no football to be debated over, this shirt design has certainly got many fans talking and there’s a big split between the supporters who love it and those who don’t quite love it!

Another Celtic fan on social media saw the design and then made it in this years PES! Adding the Trefoil logo rather than the three stripes. I don’t know about you, but I love it!


  1. It looks like a poor attempt to replicate one of the worst Celtic tops ever i.e. The one which was recently recovered having been removed from the Football Museum in Manchester. Given the anticipation of our release from the inept New Balance episode, the first kits need to be so much better than this attempt.


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