Contrary to reports last night that Scott Sinclair was definitely out of this Sunday’s cup final against Aberdeen the Celtic manager was positive about his chances.

Scott picked up a knock against Barcelona which seen him sit out the second half of the Champions league tie.

When asked about the players status at the pre-match conference this afternoon the Irishman had this to say.

“Scotty, we will give to the very last moment.”

“He took a knock and it was serious for him to come off, so we need to wait to the very end on that.”

It looks like it will go down to the wire but if this is the case would it be wise to risk him with such a heavy fixture schedule ahead.


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  1. It would be reasonable to take a chance on him if Rodgers is fairly confident that he would last the game, this is a cup final and the forthcoming games, difficult as they are, should be manageable with the squad we have, and are not one-offs in the sense that a defeat in any one of them would not be fatal, whereas a defeat by Aberdeen costs us a trophy.

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