The manager stood at the side of Celtic Park last Wednesday after watching his side dismantle Motherwell and told the BT pundits that Celtic were lucky to have Scott Sinclair – I’d have to agree.

The past two seasons when we have tried and failed to get into the Champions league, it was largely left up to the squad from the previous season with very little in the way of reinforcements. This time around Celtic are stronger now than they were at the end of last season and a big reason for this is Scott Sinclair.

Since bursting onto the scene at Hearts and following it up with another great performance against Motherwell the midfielder has not only added the pace and energy we’ve been lacking but he seems to have made several stagnant players up their game.

The players are seeing Scott in training and on the field, while it may come easier to him the other players have certainly took notice and there’s a visible difference in attitude and application. This can also be attributed to Brendan Rodgers bringing in a new mentality to the club since taking over at the end of last season.

With Sinclair driving at people tomorrow night with back-up from a rejuvenated Forrest, an on form Dembele and the ever present Leigh Griffiths you can’t be anything but optimistic.

Of course, we’ve been burned twice in successive years in these games so there will be a little trepidation from the fans tomorrow night, it would be fantastic to get an early goal and settle everyone down.

Lets hope Scott Sinclair and the rest of the bhoys can get us to the group stages.


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