Search this blog for Charlie Nicholas. No doubt you will find the tons of absolute anti-Celtic garbage he spews to try and make someone notice him. He has been doing it for years, another ex-Celt now getting paid to take cheap shots at his old club.

His patter is as out-dated as his diamond-studded earring and fleck suits. He is only short of grown his mullet back and doing Paddy Irishman jokes. Luckily the Soccer AM crew caught his lack of TV personality today.



Personally, I wouldn’t sleep for a month after that clip. In fairness to Champagne Charlie he has proved time and time again he has thicker skin than most people and a brass neck to boot. Sky have struggled to blood in any new presenters or “pundits” in the last decade. The sports giants are due to take over the screening rights of the SPFL soon. Hello, darkness my old friend.


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